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People and dogs have been living side by side, creating a reliable tandem. The once wild animal has now become man's best friend, always ready to come to him for help in a difficult situation or just to brighten up leisure. Dogs have become reliable guards and no country house is not complete without them. Also, they help to protect the shepherds the flock from predators, and the North Pole, they harnessed to the sledge. But in the city the dogs do not have to work for the sake of self-love. Enough for them to be nice, kind, obedient and please his playfulness to win the heart of his master. Offering you the dog games online, we are confident that you will find them in all the manifestations of live communication. Together with a pet you go for a walk in the park and be able to frolic in the open lawn, throwing him balls, sticks, rings, so that he would bring them back to you. Dogs love outdoor games and if not for a long time can run and play, start to hurt. In this case, the dog are excellent swimmers and enjoy swimming not only in the bathroom with fragrant shampoos, but also in the river, where a lot of room for movement. Along with dogs often go hunting and they are driving a big game for the hunter or bring a wounded duck out of water. Starting in dog games free to play online, you can go on a virtual hunt and experience the full flavor of emotions from this venture. Surely you know that our four-legged friends are very sensitive sense of smell, and they can take any track by selecting it from the crowd. No matter how weak and have not had a smell, dogs are able to go on it as long as it will not break. This quality was the reason for the fact that some breeds are used by the criminal police. Their mission - to catch the criminal, to track him down by smell or find drugs, even in the secret place. Only to them under the force of this complex task, because a man can not boast of a similar scent. There are dogs and other honorable duty - to be a guide for the blind. They are trained in a way that will never be sent blind to the danger of the situation - it will translate across the road in the right place, will help not to stumble on the sidewalk in an impressive way home and bring back a host of anywhere. Offering you a dog to play games online for free, we want to show all the advantages of these wonderful animals, and if you can not afford the luxury of a pet, a virtual communication will be an excellent alternative. And since we are a variety of breeds, you can enjoy the friendship with their different representatives. In urban apartments, which do not differ large areas, it is difficult to keep a large dog, and because of genetics brought small breeds that no more cats. These little animals have turned into some kind of extravagant accessory for ladies and for some time now socialites appear in public only with tiny little dog under his arm. In this case, they do not forget to decorate them with bright hair clips, bows, pendants and put in special clothes. Our games offer dog grooming play the same way, picking up their pets for regular outfit from the extensive wardrobe. And as in life salons for pets are not uncommon, the relevant computer games even more so there is no shortage. They say that pets look like their owners, and people choosing a Fluffy, unconsciously chooses his own kind. To find out what kind of suit you, it is enough to pass the test, answer a few questions and get a comprehensive result. These and other online games dogs and cats are always at your disposal.

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