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Online games about dinosaurs turn you into a caveman and show the beauty and danger of hunting dinosaurs in prehistoric times.

Despite the fact that, for obvious reasons of living dinosaurs did not see a single person on Earth knows about them all, and those who are seriously interested in these giants can tell you about many details of their lives. This suggests not only that archaeologists and historians spend a lot of work, and that the interest of humanity to dinosaurs and their mysterious disappearance inexhaustible. This mystery has spawned many legends and hypotheses, but surely it is still unknown why the dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, but already well-known to science as they were, than eat, how they lived, and how many varieties of these whoppers. Thus, dinosaurs inhabited our planet, and their was a population of about five species. Their appearance is also fully restored and in various encyclopedias and films you can see how they were powerful beings. Very colorful and informative illustration of the life of a dinosaur movie "Jurassic Park", which is respected by all who are interested in the topic, and not only. A further illustration of the life, habits, and much more from the world of dinosaurs are the games about dinosaurs. These fun and love to children and adults, as the stories, graphics and genres of these games are very diverse, and everyone can find a game about dinosaurs according to your taste and age. Our game site offers to your attention a great collection of different games about dinosaurs for every taste for boys and girls. These powerful, strong and huge lizards in games can act in different roles: as the role of these predators and aggressors, and as good, funny and friendly creatures with whom you can have fun for an exciting game. It probably is because the image of a dinosaur for a person in a double-digit principle: on the one hand it is the most terrible and huge creature that has ever lived on Earth, but on the other hand - and this is pretty good herbivorous creature that had just hatched of eggs and requires care. It was such dinosaurs and appear before us in online games. A variety of adventure games, shooting games, arcade games, coloring pages, puzzles and other game genres have in their arsenal of the game with dinosaurs, which can not fail to please. Management is always simple - the mouse or keyboard, so that everyone can understand. With these games you can plunge into the unknown and mysterious world of dinosaurs and discover the many interesting and unexplored in the life of these animals and the disappearance of many, many years ago.

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