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If you are an adventurer and lover of logic puzzles, then you will be very interesting to play online diamond Atlantis.

Once on the ocean floor, the player discovers sunken vessels full of gold, diamonds, pearls and other valuables. To get hold of them, you need to solve interesting puzzles - mostly connect in series three of the same image. This is a short story and gameplay Diamond Atlantis. In the mini games you can find a lot of very similar toys. Not all of them are associated with the lowering of the seabed, but this makes them even more attractive, as you will find yourself gamers of all ages and thematic preferences. Girls will be able to put the puzzle with shiny jewelry - rings, crowns, precious diamonds. Boys can go deeper into the mine to look for there diamonds of various sizes. Solving puzzles require quick and effective action, because if you do the wrong moves, it is possible to come to a standstill and fill up a game round. For example, would not be rational moves or have nowhere to go down as a player figures. At the bottom of the ocean are also many other adventures. Precious stones are sometimes earned as a result of the passage of brodilok - the hero travels through the game world, gutter swirls, fighting enemies along the way and collect precious diamonds. Hunt for diamonds place not only in the underwater world - the inhabitants of the land is also not averse to fill their pockets shiny stones. It can be funny roundels who jump on the bumps and the need to do so that their trajectory was just jumping on the jewelry, then it will be collected. In some games, diamonds are not as easy to get and the characters are forced to arm themselves with picks, sit down for the management of virtual tractors. Gradually built mines, collect jewels. Wanted figures diamonds may be scattered through the virtual space. They need to collect on a spaceship - perhaps they are trapped in a special force field and fly directly into the treasury of the ship. The search for treasures with the help of logical thought - it is a safe task. But if you collect the diamonds in Action, is to be feared attacks by various villains. It may be bandits who decide to select your treasures or just aggressive moray eels, guarding their territory on the sunken ship. And because the player needs to be very careful and always think about the safety of their gaming achievements. It is necessary to develop the capabilities in defense and attack to reach new levels of treasure hunting. In the mini-games, like diamond Atlantis you can play online in this section of the site. We picked up here the most interesting puzzles, quests with diamonds - all treasure hunters will be interesting to try them in your hand.

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Play online games for free Diamond Atlantis can each visitor

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