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Unusually interesting and informative cooking games for girls. Online cooking games allow children to learn the process of cooking and reveal their culinary talents.

Cooking games for girls - is the ability to make virtually any virtual course, following the recipe handy tips computer. For example, in the game you need to cook pancakes. It all starts with the selection of ingredients. Gamer sees a counter with food and takes everything on the list: flour, butter, cottage cheese. When everything is assembled, the process begins kneading - the mouse to drag and drop products into a special bowl and stir from time to time all virtual spoon. Then put a frying pan on the stove, and the player consistently fry pancakes. At the end of these games offered the opportunity to decorate the resulting culinary masterpiece. For example, if the cake was baked, it can be sprinkled with chocolate chips, put on top of colorful candles, hidden in a sour cream crunchy peanut. Some online cooking games can even be used as a guide for the preparation of real food - so carefully described in the sequence of all these actions. Cooking games for girls for free can become the owner of her own catering business, open a cafe, a variety of goodies to feed the people. These toys cooking process can not be worked out in great detail and focus gamer focuses on the speed and quality of customer service. The food in the restaurant simulator prepares one click on an icon in the list of recipes and after a while you can have yummy ready to bear the table hungry visitor. In games like this very often an element of the economic strategy - earning money by selling delicious food, you can invest in new equipment, expanding the range of menus. For example, if you put a refrigeration counter and fill it with fresh choux pastry, the cashier places every additional amount will come and it will bring gamers to perform missions throughout the game. The flash games you can choose a restaurant strategy for every taste. Lovers of fried sausages and hamburgers will be able to discover the lush shop in the virtual streets of New York. Masters of fine pastries and lovely cocktails will be able to manage the cafeteria on the shore of the ocean of computer and offer visitors a variety of cakes, sweets, fruit juices, milkshakes. Games for girls online cooking can get even a cartoon reality - Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse painstakingly prepared meals in your kitchen, and a gamer helps them to make things right and delicious. Perhaps practicing on virtual simulators, girls will be able to improve their skills in preparing healthy and tasty food. A variety of online cooking games you will find in this section of our site.

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