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Play Contra Online - then try the continuation of the famous game in the dandy, which has become a classic. Play contry can chat online for free.

Shooting games - one of the most popular genres. And among his fans do not find the person never played a sensational Brigadier first-person shooter - Counter-Strike. This game is a long time is out of the competition and still no one was able to surpass its popularity and demand. But such popularity gave rise to many versions do also, repeating the main idea of ​​the product. A situation where a successful project is an example to follow, the creators happy, but they should learn to endure, and the fact that their idea will be used for personal gain. It is necessary to create a series of flash games and put them under the tag of "counter" or "counter strike" as it fly off all the gamers to play their favorite game or its clone. On our gaming website we offer you to play online Contra, namely games that somehow resemble the famous shooter. Some games do not have anything to do with him, besides the ability to fight with the enemy, but the others even recreate the atmosphere of the popular game. Do not be surprised if you see the panorama of desert, broken cars, dilapidated buildings, tumbleweeds and jumping out of hiding enemies. Also, you will find a modified version of the computer that was once focused on consoles and had the appearance of pixel graphics. About this game even legendary. It was said that if the pass game ten times in a row, the player wins a prize. What kind of prize, no one really could not say, but that did not stop the spread of rumors, and especially gamblers eager to break the record, persisting with the accumulation of passages. In fact, there was no prize, and many knew it, but the excitement did not let them stop. Play Control, and then fight to grab someone else's territory and destroy the enemy. In fact, there is nothing extraordinary. The idea is pretty simple and common, but, nevertheless, remains an exciting, because each new shot by enemy brings new game points. But most also have to be wary of enemy bullets, because life you will not rubber. Action games unfold in different areas and even in the sky. For example, driving a paratrooper in the air, we must try not to die and land on the ground alive. On both sides you are surrounded by rocks on which they sat down enemy troops. They now and then shoot, trying to change the trajectory of your flight so that you have pleased the rocks. At this time your task - to be able to combat and destroy the attackers before they can do significant damage. Soldiers killed you lose ammo and first aid kits that you have to pick up for your own personal life and replenish the arsenal. The main task of all the games in this category - the reaction rate, the fight to kill, capture territories, set the greatest possible number of game points and complete victory over the enemy. In this case, you have to help only a reaction shot accuracy and intelligence. You DO NOT have much time thinking nA, as with the first seconds after the game starts firing. But the most surprising thing in these games, they do not bloody as it may seem from the description. In them, there is only the fact of hitting the target, but the screen does not fill with blood. We know how little boys and adult men love to play shooting games, and because they have collected for the most famous and popular games. But among them, and you will find new items, which can also come to your mind Po. After all, is not yet tested, will not know. And then it's time to start playing in counter without delay!

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Play online games for free Contra everyone can

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