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Online games Chip and Dale - is an unforgettable adventure with funny chipmunks and their friends who do not let you get bored for a second.

Cute little chipmunks can not just peanuts to chew, but to save the world from the worst offenders. In the classic cartoon chipmunks, the team of rescuers have two main enemies: the gray tabby cat Fat Cat thug and a mad scientist Norton Nimnul. They are also found in many computer games with Chip and Dale, becoming the main bosses in them. To get to the end of the level and compete with the powerful villain, you need to overcome a number of his aides. This may be a bandit or a Fat Cat's henchmen committed heinous invention of genius professor. Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monty and Zipper always will find a way to defeat any evil. In computer games, the task is more difficult, because the cartoon characters have to act separately from each other. Gamer controls funny or serious Chip Dale, helping them to jump over traps, villains throw in different subjects, to use against them fighting techniques. One of the first games of the Chip and Dale vypushena was still in a period of 8-bit consoles. Now graphics and gameplay features online games Chip and Dale have become much more diverse. Squirrels get into new worlds and face new dangers and more powerful enemies. Here they really need help, and thus to stay alive, and the mission of the game to perform. Often, the main purpose of such brodilok becomes important collection of artifacts. Naturally, for a very high value chipmunks are all kinds of nuts. That's Chip and Dale are ready to make serious risks to fill their bags with a crispy yummy. They jump on the branches of trees, inventing gimmicks, firing at nut to crack a pellet gun. Collection of nuts goes sometimes even without the participation of the Disney Chip and Dale, but instead may be fluffy squirrels who would not mind to stretch the jaw. Such proteins are often even more daring than the rescuers from the movie. Some of them are ready to launch themselves from a slingshot to just fly through the cluster of nuts and tightly fill his belly. With the participation of Chip and Dale are some children's games. Small gamer can paint pictures with funny chipmunks, solve puzzles with them. In the game world there are shooters with Chip and Dale. These can, for example, the need to help the heroes of the harvest in the garden - a gamer knocks for them fruit, aiming at the mouse cursor over them. A variety of games with Chip and Dale can be found in this section of our site. In what adventures you go with them? How many villains can win? How to collect nuts? Rescue Team Chip and Dale does not refuse help and welcomes into its ranks of desperate gamers.

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Play online games for free Chip and Dale and everyone can

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