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In playing chess with the computer is no less interesting than a real person, because chess games - are the games where you show yourself and your intelligence.

The game of chess is known to mankind for centuries. It was invented in modern-day India. The rules, which are now generally accepted, more or less formed in the XV century and became the standard only in the XIX, when they began to be international chess tournaments. In playing chess with a computer can each: the beginner and experienced grandmaster. Flash games offer a variety of simulators, and the player can set the level of difficulty in them. Newcomers should start with a training mission in which simple tips will tell the computer the basic rules. How can move the figures? How to take away the opponent's pieces? What is the purpose of the whole party? To play chess using a standard board, divided into 64 squares. Figures for chess is divided into two colors. They are set on a certain order on the opposite ends of the field. This is a different shape. Most pawns who go to the cell forward. Other shapes can be moved along the perpendicular or diagonal lines to move in any direction, or draw in their moves a geometric figure. Gradually promoting their figures to the field of the enemy, players organize a "scuffle" - if the figure is placed on the field already occupied by someone else figure standing before you is collected and disposed of off the field to the end of the entire party. It is worth remembering that playing chess with the computer, does not mean trying to keep intact all his pieces. Flash chess player put before the same goal as the desktop version of the game - to win the King. In Persian and translated it: shah mat - the king is dead. The figure of the king in chess is very valuable, but it is very sedentary and weak. Its best to cover up by powerful warriors and avoid direct confrontation with the figures of the enemy king. The King goes to only one cell in any direction and when he is defeated, the party is considered complete, no matter how many more pieces on the board left the loser. In chess you can play online using a variety of schemes that enable just a few strokes to achieve success. To develop the skill of a chess player, is very useful to solve chess problems. In these figures in the field are exposed in a specific sequence. The player should have a good analysis of the situation in order to achieve success in it and still do as little as possible moves. Computer chess are created with different graphics. These may be simple black-and-white drawings or saturated three-dimensional objects. Play chess online without registration you can in this section of the site. Exhibit pieces on a virtual whiteboard and cook gyrus. Chess - intellectual game well and helps to develop strength and flexibility of thinking.

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