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If chess - it is wisdom, then play checkers online - this is more cunning. In game play checkers great fun and exciting experience.

In games with checkers players take control of the army under his two-color chips. Typically, this is the black and white checkers. They will be on a special field, divided into cells. Each block operates according to strict rules: can move diagonally to take opponent's checkers. Play checkers online is very convenient for those who are not very familiar with the rules of the game. Here you can understand the basic principles of checkers and train skills in simple parties against the computer. Flash games often offer training games where the player is given simple tips. The purpose of the game of checkers - is pick up or make it impossible to move all opponent's checkers. To one man "ate" the other, it has to step over it. To do this, you need to shoot down his sword for a straight line was an empty cell. In the game you can play checkers short time and in a few strokes to achieve overwhelming success. But this requires a sufficient share of luck and ineptitude of the enemy - one man can take off half of the enemy army, because after one withdrawn, the player can continue to take other drafts, if the field is an opportunity to do so. Lock checker is not so difficult - if, for example, is surrounded by a black white checker, after which there are no empty cells, it is completely locked and can not make a single move. Checkers game gives the opportunity to turn one of his chips into the king - a checker with special features. Unlike the others, it can be moved in one stroke for an unlimited number of squares on the diagonal. This makes her a formidable warrior who shoot off many enemy checkers. In order to get such a powerful reinforcement, you need to bring your piece to the start line of the enemy. In checkers have a rule - if the player has the opportunity to withdraw his sword of the enemy, he must do so. He can not skip this step, even if the overall game plan, it will be fatal for him. Play checkers for free on your computer can be with different characteristics rules and graphics solution. Checkers have been around for hundreds of years and in that time have developed many variations of this game, with some differences in the rules. In some kinds of field checkers can be used with different amounts of cells. The flash version of checkers can repeat the design of the classical field and chips, but may be offered and the different variations. Checkers, for example, can not be black and white and red and blue. It can be two-dimensional image or three-dimensional objects. Some games online checkers allow you to see your virtual opponent. And there are plenty to choose from: cute bunny suit children, and adults uncles - cute topless blonde.

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Play free online games Checkers Anyone can

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