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Both children and adults love to play online cake shop. This is a simulation of the cafe is very useful from the point of view of development of entrepreneurial skills.

Choosing a profession today, girls are not satisfied with the passive role. Now increasingly heard about a dream to open his own business and become an independent business woman. That's only for the implementation of this enterprise requires a considerable amount of money and a good education. Understanding your trouble, we offer an alternative - a cake shop online play. The story of this game will turn you into a girl named Lisa, who has already graduated and received a diploma chef. This allowed her to immediately start managing your own cafe. At first, it will not be something special to stand out. You have little equipment, and that is too weak to serve the many visitors. At your disposal are three types of sponge cakes and three different toppings. Buyers, too little and you have time to serve everyone. Everyone has their own taste, and you bought a cake of different ingredients. Carefully review the order and build up it exactly - take your cakes and peremazhte them according to the order filling. Later, it will be necessary to file the coffee, pastries, and people will be more. Gradually, you will enter into the ever-increasing pace and be able to do their jobs more effectively. If you suddenly messed up the order to form it wrong, do not worry. Just set aside unclaimed goods on the table in the hope that someone will need the precise combination of layers, or just throw it in the trash. On the wall you will see a clock that is metered time. After the time you finish the day shift and you will see the money earned. At the end of each such change available to you a virtual store where you will find the necessary products to improve their facilities. In addition to the equipment, and there are decorative items that will make your coffee cozy and inviting. Any time you can buy anything in this store, but it's better to save money for a few shifts and only buy once expensive and the necessary apparatus. But the products you will automatically appear on the shelves. If you see that the latter took the cake - do not worry, because after a few seconds, they will be there again. When a visitor becomes a lot, you may not be able to fulfill all orders, and to stand in the queue for a long time no one wants. But the cunning use - passing coffee, tea & popcorn, juice, ice cream and so on, click the cooking. And when will the customer for this product, you have it ready and you do not have to wait for another batch. With skillful work, you will soon saved enough money to turn his establishment into a real attraction of sweets. From dull places, it will turn into a festive and colorful cafe that pleases the eye with bright colors and sweet scents attracts attention. Offering consumers the goodies for every taste, you will win the glory of refined and cozy nest where courting couples like to come and relax after work and school for a portion of the drink and dessert. Cake Shop and you can play online with similar trends in the plot. Similar games offer master the culinary business by opening a sushi bar, Italian food, kebab, fish restaurant, pancake or food made with hamburger and French fries. You can settle on a virtual kitchen and prepare a magnificent complex dishes, and you can stand by the moving belt with ingredients and create custom orders just in place to collect on a platter the desired order. But in any case the main thing the accuracy and speed of the job.

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