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Games for Girls cafe - a simulator to help uncover business and culinary abilities of the child. Games for girls like restaurants and also parents.

Games for girls cafes offer the opportunity to establish a virtual business become a chef or waiting tables as a waitress. Each version has its good moments and opportunities. For those who feel the strength and desire to become a business woman, will be able to start private business in the service sector. A small cafe, after a series of actions taken to turn into a vast business - a network of enterprises, where visitors can relax after work or go to lunch in a cozy place to eat and get back to the office. In such places often hold business meetings or romantic dates, and if the place is really attractive, it becomes special, loved and constant for a visit. Playing games for girls restaurants, you can dream up, as will the future look like your institution. For everything it needed high-performance devices that will accelerate the process of preparation of food and beverages, as well as facilitate the work of chefs and waiters. At first, you will have enough money for the purchase of such equipment, but over time you will be able to save enough money to replace an outdated model to a more modern. In an effort to attract more customers their institution, make it not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. Hang pictures on the wall, put a comfortable furniture, do not forget the flowers, fountains and aquariums. Let the walls will be a pleasant, soft shades and candles on the tables create an atmosphere of tranquility and romance. In the virtual shop you will find all of the treasures that will help you cope with the task, but it will happen gradually. It is quite another direction the story offer games cook in a restaurant. Here a wide field of action for culinary talent that can be demonstrated in a virtual kitchen, or learn a new recipe for themselves. You will learn a variety of ways, from simple ingredients like cook a great dish. But do not be afraid and go on to the job safely, because you will be taught all the tricks of a cookbook, prompting what products you need and in what order to apply them. Online games restaurants will offer you the choice - cook gourmet meals or assemble sandwiches with different fillings. But in any case, the game will go to the time and, therefore, should make haste to all visitors were satisfied. No one wants to languish in long queues waiting for service. If the process drags on, the evil visitors simply turn around and go to another institution, depriving you of earnings. And because as a job you will need to make the day a certain amount of money, you will not be able to fulfill the established conditions for the transition to the next level. More games restaurants and cafes - it's table service as a waitress. Her work is the most fussy and hard. It should have enough time to make a new customer order, clean tables with dirty dishes, sweep the room, ready to bring order in the correct table, do not confuse it with the other, offer coffee and take charge. As you progress in the game, the tables will become more and more, and will have to work faster. But when you have the more powerful coffee makers, microwaves and stoves, your task a little simpler. In all games, there are nuances that determine the interest in them. In the online version, you will be able to learn about the work of a simple waiter, chef or businessman. Perhaps in the future, these concepts will be useful to make a choice in favor of a particular profession.

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Play free online games Cafe everyone can

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