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Action games for boys come with a variety of stories and adventures. They are always interesting and exciting.

Brodilok in the modern computer world there is a great variety, and many of them are designed for boys. Valiant soldiers landed in the remote jungles and must overthrow the local tyrant or disarm the terrorist organization. Noble Rangers defend the Earth from alien invasion. Bold adventurers guessed the mysteries of ancient civilizations, provide access to distant caves and even the mysterious continent. Action games for boys take place in a variety of game universes. This may be the original worlds created for a particular character. Such games - it's Mario, Sonic and many others. And there are toys that mimic the characters and scenery of well-known cartoon. For example, a gamer can take control of animals from "Madagascar", control jumps muscular goblin Shrek disengage from dangerous situations Aladdin. Brodilok characters were Sponge Bob, Tom and Jerry, The Simpsons. Each walker has a purpose. The hero must defeat the evil monster and release the innocent princess. Or find a way out of the dangerous maze and save himself and a few others. Sometimes Action adventure begins with the purpose of earnings artifacts collection of valuable items. This may be conventional gold bonus, or special items, giving a unique opportunity. Many Adventure is useful to find additional protection or enhancement of its own attack, because the path to the goal will have to meet face to face with many opponents. Only agility jumps and force of arms can save all their lives safely and reach the final level. Adventure for boys can be connected with other genres, such as shooters, fights, races. Hero level passes, but occasionally confronted with tasks - attack armed villains battle with a street gang. Passing these tests, the character accumulating gaming experience, get new weapons, learning new tricks. In between battles, he sits on a high-speed car and goes on a hard chase. However, he can continue to collect valuable items from the comfort of the cabin. Brodilok heroes for boys are many mystical characters - ghosts flying around here in the narrow corridors and catch the unwary gamers. Zombies emerge from the ground, and only a powerful rifle capable of protecting them from attack. Vampires lurk in old castles, werewolves strive to attack from behind a tree. Game tests in Action becoming more difficult from level to level. But they seem easy, when at the end of the game the gamer meets with the main boss. Try a variety of Action for the boys in this section of our gaming site.

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