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Feel your power and strength with the help of boxing games. These exciting sports matches - this is boxing online games.

Among the different types of martial arts, boxing, the most cruel and destructive. His idea was originally based on the idea mainly inflict crushing blows. In the ring serves two people and fists gloved, alternately strike each other cuffs. The battle takes place in twelve rounds, during which athletes try to send the opponent in the knockout. If, within ten seconds of the fallen boxer can not get to his feet, he loses. Upon receipt of an injury that does not allow him to fight on, it is considered a technical knockout and also entails a loss. If both fighters stood on their feet throughout the rounds, the winner is the one who scored the most points by fighting techniques. During the whole action, the referee - a judge in the ring, ensure the observance of the rules and make penalty notice, if any, and after the end of the fight, the winner raises his hand up. Boxing - unique and challenging sport. His chosen people are strong in mind and body ready for the physical pain and not afraid of it. If we trace the history of the development of the arts, we will fall into a period of years before our era. This shows the high popularity of boxing, which has so ancient past. His memory will store more murals Minoans, Egyptians and Sumerians. In 688 BC, boxing was one of the types of events at the Olympic Games, and on hunches historians, came up with his Hercules. In the form in which the box is known to us, he was born in England in the early eighteenth century. But since then he has repeatedly underwent persecution and modifications. It is often vetoed by banning because of its special cruelty, and after a while he came back again to the arena in an already modified form. If you wish to explore the thorny path of boxing in more detail, you will find in his stories interesting facts. But our task is more simple - to provide true fans of the arts by the possibility to experience all of its charms. Boxing game invite you to the ring sporting and outdoor playgrounds. Compare the different versions, each having played in and appreciate the difference between the fair refereeing and the absence of any limitation of street fighting. The good news though is that broken teeth, bruises and bloody characters are only on them, and you do not feel all the consequences of violent attacks. Among the various story lines you will find realistic simulations that adhere to the established rules and repeat this action. And also enjoy the fun of improvisation, where the role of the boxers may make very different and unusual characters. For example, the fight between Kerry and George W. Bush, where the role of one of them will serve you to bring in your mood a wave of satisfaction from punishing the enemy. Also, you can beat up a famous person on the street. The moral side of the issue is better not to touch because humanism in boxing are not welcome. But boxing between cows - this is ridiculous. These Dairy Cows and good in life are only able to steadily chewing the cud, languid blink of the park and give milk. But in video games on their hooves wearing boxing gloves and put on the ring. It turns out they are not so good and - look how bludgeoning each other! Not far behind them and the other characters. Among the boxing can meet penguins, panda bears, bees. Among the fantastic characters - Santa Claus, robots, snowmen and a number of other cartoon characters. Boxing online games are different - the terrible and funny, with the rules without them. Even women's boxing is not uncommon, as in life, as well as in computer games.

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