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Naval battles and travel await you in the entertainment called submarines games. The ocean of passion and a sea of ​​emotions - is a free online game about the boat.

About submarines we do not know as much as other military equipment, but that is why it attracts attention and makes you want to get to know her better. And we would still remember the fantastic stories about Captain Nemo and his famous Nautilus. His submarine was equipped with incredible mechanisms and devices even by today's standards, not to mention the time period. Submarines play online again turning to this entertaining idea and tell of the legendary ship. Defending his ship from attack enemies and predators, Captain Nemo, armed with a harpoon out into open water in a survival suit and bravely fighting the enemy. Another time, Nemo go in search of his stolen gems, armed with a pistol. In the quest you will find items and solving of puzzles. All this is happening against the backdrop of magnificent scenery of the underwater world and the inside of the ship, where the collected antiques and have the opportunity to see them properly. Far left and the pirate theme. Now the pirates are not limited to the surface of the sea and decided to make his headquarters deep under water. But Scooby Doo and Shaggy his friend in a series of games are on their trail to uncover the mystery of the pirate. They are waiting for the mass of adventure associated with danger. They will have to pass all the tests to find the treasure and get out of the water dry in the literal and figurative sense. Free online game about the boat - it is also a military theme, where the battle, attack, defense and intelligence are an integral part of the gameplay. In more realistic games - simulations, you will lead the unit, focusing on its devices. Sonar will help identify objects at a distance and held not to give out your location. The slightest sound is captured with ease, as if it sounded loud and in the open. Therefore, divers, knowing this feature remain perfectly still inside the boat until they come out of the reach of radar field of the enemy. Playing the game about the submarine online, you have to save the sailors of the Kursk-1, which sank in 2000 and to reverse history, making her final prosperous. Continuing the theme of submarines, you go on a fishing trip. In deep water inhabited by whimsical fish, which you can imagine. To study them, we must first of their catch - this will be your main mission. Do not become distracted by the beauty of the underwater world, as if they are not attracted, or do not have time to collect player points, and some representatives of the aquatic environment is so aggressive and huge that clash with them would not be good. Fans will enjoy the mazes management process between the submarine reefs, corals and caves. Despite the fact that your phone looks massive and strong, his body is easily damaged and sinking. Or get stuck between rocks and lose control over the submarine, which will also mean the end of the game. Puzzles and coloring - another entertainment option. Coloring black and white picture, players will explore in detail the structure of its own and return to her the riot of colors. Collecting the same puzzles, memory training, logic and creative vision, players will see the colorful paintings that were frozen in the image. All game versions carry something of their own and each is full of events, activities, adventures, in which gamers can feel like heroes or pirates or captains courageous pioneers, but in any case they get unforgettable emotions and impressions Od breathtaking and the time the game is flying by.

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