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Games colored blocks - are the games where you need to connect the pieces from a variety of colored blocks. Play the colored blocks in the original color Tetris, you can always available on our website.

Everyone respected player who is familiar with computer games firsthand, there is always a computer, tablet or mobile phone several fascinating puzzle games, games where the colored blocks occupy a place of honor. For this kind of entertainment resort whenever there is free time to relax. Break away for a while from the main task and to indulge in such an exciting activity even useful - a change of activity and thinking process only increases efficiency, restores strength and leads to a more efficient outcome. The gameplay offers a lot of options. Drag the blocks, you have to line them up in a row to developed-color chain. The number of elements in a single row brings a certain amount of points and bonuses, which will serve as support opportunities for passing. Since the first level, it does not seem like a complicated, but it is misleading soon dispelled as soon as you cross the threshold of the second or third stage of the game. Relax you will not have the attention and soon will be fully absorbed this lesson. But at any time you can pause the game to return to the abandoned work. And in time to restart the game process with the same level at which you left off. In addition to collecting chains of colored blocks can play in other ways. For example, to destroy them by shooting a ball at him, his own, choosing the location, angle and force of impact. The control is by using a computer mouse and because the game is not difficult in terms of management. But it is fascinating what is happening on the field of play and a little toy recalls about Angry Birds, which also divide the facilities opponents metyas them with a slingshot. You can still jump on the blocks, collecting treble clef, which in turn will pave the way to you from the music to the next level. This game is pretty sweet painted on the background become familiar ideas looks unusual. Another interesting interpretation of the game of colored blocks is in construction. By controlling the tower crane, it is necessary to lay floors of the building on each other, so that the house is not filled up. In limbo another design swings, and you need to catch the right moment to release it by pressing "space." Exact hits will be marked by fireworks, and people immediately populate new apartments. But if the floor is installed crooked, it will be covered for any failure following the move and residents to escape, leave the building, hovering on the umbrellas. Playing with blocks like gamers, sophisticated and realistic simulation of kids, which only understands the basics of gameplay and mastering the virtual space. Each is easy to find that toy that would become his favorite, and which can be returned many times. Because children love stories with animals, another option would have to farm the way. Burenka simulator runs on the track, graze around her friends, but she prefers outdoor activities. In front of her wall of blocks and she had to throw the apples so that destroy all the colored and in particular those in which the hidden objects. They are most valuable and bring game points. Continuing our tour of the children's theme game of colored blocks, note that even the famous Dora takes part in games on logic. She has to keep the balance swings, putting on each side of the blocks. It is important to be able to hoist them as much as possible and do not disturb the rest of the structure.

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