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The real adventure, battles and unpredictable events on the farm led by otvyaznym sculpin Otis waiting for you if you're in the Barnyard play for free.

Entertainment and cartoon series "Barnyard" moved into the space of computer toys. On the farm from the movie live amazing animals. Not only that, they can talk, so even every cow, pig, donkey and even chicken here - it's unique personality with its own character and views of the world. For example, a bull Otis loves to have fun, comfortable draws, rolls his party. Pig piggy loves to wallow in the mud, loves unicorns and even a descendant of the royal family. Mouse Peep often manifests quality superhero, always happy to help friends. Once the animals stay away from human eyes, the fun begins at the farm, fun and adventure. The most popular character here - certainly Otis. It was he who saves the chickens when they are attacked by an insidious magic mask and enslaves their will. Otis wears a costume hero Bykmena and boldly breaks the sorcery of masks. This episode is implemented as a card game, in which gamers must defeat the zombie masks chickens with a more powerful card, which immediately releases the unfortunate bird. Sometimes mini-games barnyard residents organize sports competitions. For example, Otis, Pip and Pig compete in curling - launching sprawled on the ice sheep and send them to slip through the brushes so that they stayed in the bonus area. And in this film, and the games are often satisfied with Otis jinks in the barn. He is even willing to let himself dancing to loud music, if only to get their comrades enough bottles of fresh milk. He must bring exactly the bottle, who bought friends, that gives a lot of bonuses and allows you to move to a more challenging levels. It is important that the evil neighbor did not see playing: bull, otherwise the whole mission will be failed. Jokes on people - especially the favorite entertainment of talking animals. As victims they choose only the insidious and evil neighbors such as Mrs. Biddy and her rowdy nephew Eugene. There is a browser-based toy, in which Otis, Pig and rooster peck their way into the house to arrange another joke on the fat man Eugene. The player must act carefully, creating a minimum of noise to get into the bedroom zhirdyaya unnoticed. Characters of the game are different not only in appearance, but also the important characteristics. For example, selecting Otis for destructive racing on older machines will give you a powerful energy, Freddy the ferret - extra speed, and Pig has an enhanced destruction. In Horns and Hoofs can play for free in this section of our website. Choose any game and enjoy the incredible adventures of favorite characters.

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Play online games for free Barnyard everyone can

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