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In online backgammon long play interesting and exciting. It is kind of the classic board game of backgammon, which requires strategic thinking on the players.

So it's time to test your luck and the ability to count the moves in advance. To your attention long backgammon game. In online backgammon long you can play forever. This game captures attention and draws in the world of Eastern wisdom. The purpose of the game - the first to have your checkers into the house and get them off the field. In total there are fifteen checkers on the two players who are in the beginning of the game in the sector, called the "head". Move from the initial position is called "take from the head." On a roll of charge (dice game) with the head can take only one piece, and you can walk out of the field with two checkers on the number of cells that have fallen in each of the charges. The first time the course there is an exception when you can walk two zarami if the combinations of three: three, four, four, six six. Checkers should move counterclockwise. First move the players act out by throwing one dawn, who are more, and he goes first. The game throws made only two zarami. If you roll a double (the same number on both dice), then the player must make four moves. For example, if two dropped two, it must resemble four times for two cells. The main strategic objective in the long backgammon on the path to victory is hampering the opponent moves out of six consecutive standing pieces. In the long backgammon you can not put a bomb on the opponent's cage, put an obstacle in front of all drafts of the second player, at least one man should be in front of the obstacle. If a player can not be like the number of cells, as shown in Zarah because the correct cells are occupied enemy checkers, then the player loses his turn, losing all points. It is also forbidden to pass the course, if you can be like. At the end of the game, the winner is the one who first had to throw out of the house all his men, and the loser pays the agreed advance rate. If, in this case, the loser does not have time to take off any of its Zara, the rate is doubled. You can play against the computer and online, and against real people around the globe thanks to the infinite possibilities of the Internet. Wisdom of the East is ready to lift the veil of mystery for you. Playing in the long backgammon online, you will be able to learn strategic thinking and the ability to allocate their resources, assessing in advance by a few steps. These abilities will be useful to you in all situations, so that play and train yourself to be a winner in every way! Come back often to our website, and you are sure to find yourself an exciting game.

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Play Online Games free long can one

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