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In backgammon online play for free - it's an opportunity to play in the long and short backgammon with people on the internet. Play online backgammon fun and entertaining.

Classic Eastern game of backgammon and now migrated into space computer toys. In backgammon online play for free can be to the same rules as in the desktop fun. Gamer sees a playing field and the chips of two colors. Need to throw two virtual dice and moving their chips on the field in a particular area "home." Translated chips have some rules. Indicators of each cube are reported how many moves across the field to do the same chip. That is, if a player rolls 4 and 2, you need to make two moves - by 4 and dividing by 2. These moves can be made of one chip or two. Sometimes there is a situation that a gamer can not do the required number of moves, since the fields are locked chips opponent. Then he was forced to miss his turn. Experienced players often use this feature, and specifically block the moves of others - for that you need to place your chips on the largest possible number of empty cells. This tactic can bring victory, but can also cause a loss, because sooner or later all the pieces need to be removed from their seats and converted into "home." Play online backgammon you need in two phases - when all the chips transferred to the home base, they need to consistently take away from the game. This will also roll the dice and removed the chips that are on the numbered cells. This means that if you fall out 3 and 6, it is necessary to remove a chip from the cells 3 and 6. If they are empty, the player loses his turn. The game is won by the first player to clear all his pieces from the board. You can play backgammon online with a different design fields and chips - it can be a pastiche of old elite or under a tree. And can be a simple graph, in which the emphasis is on the nature of the game, rather than external decoration. It is very useful to play backgammon online for beginners who are still getting to know the rules of the game - a computer program will tell you how to make a move, what are the subtleties in the alignment of chips, as the process of removing the chip from the field. Gradually, the player not only in the rules will be easy to navigate, but also be able to think through the tactics of the game, choose the strategy of behavior on the field. Success in backgammon is largely a matter of luck - as dice will fall in what position are pieces of the enemy. But there is also work for the cerebral convolutions: the player in each course shall decide what kind of chip you need to go, whether it will block the movement of the enemy, or will try to quickly put all his chips into the cherished home area. Play backgammon online for free you can in this section of our site. As in the board game, flash toys also identifies two types: short and long backgammon, which are slightly different rules.

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Play Online Backgammon for free and everyone can

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