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Discover Avatar The Last Airbender game and immerse yourself in the world of wizards and elements of nature. Avatar games can feel like one of the heroes of the very popular movie.

Avatar The Last Airbender game reminiscent of an American TV series in their story, the idea of ​​which they were created. Aang - the main acting character, represents the good that is fighting tirelessly against the manifestations of evil. Next to it are the other characters who help him in his difficult mission. Magic involved here, and our hero belongs to the people of the Air, who was fighting for a century with the representatives of the tribe of Fire and its leader. In the universe of Avatar reign natural elements of earth, fire, air and water. Magee own ancient knowledge of natural phenomena and know their secrets. The people who inhabit this world are able to command the elements and dedicate their lives to improve their abilities. On how honed their skills to the future of their people and the world at large. Avatar the game tell us the story about the fight, magic and eternal values. Aang - is the current incarnation of the Avatar. Though he looks like a twelve year old teenager, but in fact it is more than a hundred years, since he deliberately imprisoned himself in a block of ice with his flying bison, when the tribe of fire virtually destroyed his people Air, and held in a prison for a century. When the time came, he was freed from the ice prison and his friends went back on the warpath with Ozaem - Master of Fire. But in order to increase the chances to defeat the enemy, Aang decides to grasp the magic of Earth and Fire. But when given a chance to destroy Ozaya, Aang begins to doubt the correctness of that decision. For him, not all questions were answered, and therefore it is necessary to show wisdom. He refers to his previous incarnations, but the answer suddenly comes from a lion-turtle. Concentrating, Aang goes into the Avatar, and he uses the knowledge acquired by depriving the Phoenix King of his magic. Play a game of Avatar, then become part of the magical world and learn to control the elements of nature, to find a balance of power and restore order. Restore justice and destroy enemies is much easier when the number of true friends, you can rely on, while Aang they are. Toph belongs to the element of earth and controls metal. She feels the vibration, which is easy to guess the feelings of people and nature items. To do this, it does not need eyes as her vision comes from within. She was a wonderful teacher, having taught Aang Earth Magic, and he in turn has shown excellent ability student. Sokka belongs to the element of Water. He is a tireless warrior and perseveres in constant training, honing his martial arts skills. It's fun and a good guy to have a nice deal, and his sister Katara was Aang's ladylove and faithful assistant. Once beloved captured by the Master of the Fire, but their coherence and understanding of each other without words, was the key to their successful escape. Game Avatar The Legend of Aang so dynamic that the player will not be bored for a minute. With the characters constantly going on some transformation, and even anti-heroes retreat from their wicked views influenced by certain factors. Zuko - the son of Fire Lord, Aang wanted to win in battle. But when I found it closer, I decided to join the squad avatar to overthrow his father and to his throne to himself to take his place. Having started playing the Avatar, you will discover a new universe where the puzzle to discover the truth, and the elements obey the will of the people and serve it on the good. A little bit of magic, patience, practice, and you have yourself become a real magician in the world of Avatar.

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