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Archery is a sport. Given the strength and direction of the wind, the archer always accurately hit the target. And to train your endurance of sight can be in the game archery online.

Imagine a well-armed, in full uniform and shining armor and armor, on swift steeds Spanish cavalry on one side of the battlefield, and on the other hand - the ragged men, numerically five times the number of laggards Spanish knights, armed only with sticks. Of course, the Spanish knights butchered a walnut such rabble, called the British army, if only ... - able to reach them. The fact that this rabble - none other than the English archers, armed with a large English bows. In those days, a good archer holding seven arrows in the air, the first of which pierced the knight in a time when the archer ran seventh. Thus, the most powerful army of the time - the Spanish knights were defeated commoners, who first mastered a new type of weapon - a large English onion. All we heard in childhood tale of Robin Hood, that's it, and he was a prominent representative of the English forest robbers, skillfully owning a curved stick with a bowstring and arrow. Archery - is an Olympic sport, which to this day gives a new world record holders for accuracy, precision and self-control. After all, in order to accurately hit the target, it is necessary not only brought to the possession of automatism hands, but also a sure eye and proper breathing and almost intuitive ability to calculate with mathematical precision the strength and direction of wind. Who is the archer? This is a man with outstanding skills of concentration and coordination of the muscles. If you have never shot a bow, then, at first glance, this activity will seem simple and primitive, but it is not. Skills and precision aiming archery produced over the years. Of course, to get out to the shooting range with a bow and arrow, we can not every day, but we can hone their skills by playing on our website in the archery games online. In English, as the most powerful in this discipline were just the British, this sounds like fun to the archery game online, or, you can still write in the search for the archer game. If you decide to try your hand at shooting the weapon, you can run any of your favorite games on our page and feel free to practice, gaining the most points. Your accuracy and shooting accuracy will depend on the angle of attack, the forces of tension strings, wind direction, and even heart rate. The longer you practice archery on our page, the better it will be able to experience the complexity and diversity of the sport, the motto of which is self-control.

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Play online games for free Archery everyone can

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