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Hit in 2011, play angry birds online every day to conquer the hearts of more and more gamers. Famous angry birds games online are available for you on our site for free.

Angry birds game is more than a billion downloads, which speaks for itself. The army of fans of the product constantly replenished, and those who have long known him, set personal bests for passage. At first glance, Angry birds has nothing very remarkable, but from the first minute is simply mesmerizing and does not let the player's attention. To translate it from English can be different: "Angry Birds", "Angry Birds" and "Angry Birds." Either one can be assumed to be correct, since they all reflect the essence. Birds are really mad at the pigs who have stolen their eggs out of the nest to fry omelet. From such vandalism anyone ozvereet and will retaliate, and this deal birdies for all playing levels. Angry birds online - casual game and a simple plot and management. It is not necessary to develop ingenious plans strategies, and most importantly accurately aim and deal a devastating blow to the enemy - pigs. The last were not born yesterday and are constantly improving their defense, building houses of strong materials and coming up with ingenious design. Birds do not use any secondary weapon, and themselves act in his role. Stretching a slingshot with a certain force and tension at a certain angle, they charge her or his fellow remaining eggs and release them like a cannon-shot. The tremendous success of Angry birds online game served as a pretext for its release on different platforms and with sequels. Now grown fond of fun to play and can be on mobile phones. Even without seeing the picture, by the characteristic sound design can be guessed that the man on the subway with enthusiasm plays Angry birds. In the game you will encounter a variety of representatives of Evil birds, which are transformed into each new series. To make it easier to navigate through their representatives, birds painted in different colors, and each has a unique ability. Blue birds are able to clone itself in flight, turning from one to three and break the glass structure. Yellow - a particularly speedy and unpredictable, changing the trajectory during the flight, and their task - to break out of the tree houses. But the stone and glass building is not for them. Black birds - the real bomb! Getting in houses made of stone, they explode and effectively destroy them, but the architecture of glass and wood remains beyond their capabilities. White birds prefer to use an explosive shells eggs, throwing them at the enemy. Green resemble boomerangs - destroying the wooden structure, they go right back to the base. The little red bird is not particularly distinguished and ee can be seen in samom beginning of the game, when the level does not offer much difficulty to pass. But then there is a big red bird that works effectively against the stone and wood. The orange bird is particularly dangerous for svinyushek, since it does not have any structure that it could not be destroyed. Ice Feathered all around freezing, and pink, touching objects, envelops them with soapy foam that raises all in the air. Yet you will see the transformation and pigs, and will meet the Space and Mighty Eagles, parrots - Ducky and pearls, eggs, antenna, and other characters. Houses in pigs other than those mentioned are also iron, snow, gold, sand and woven out of the clouds. Angry birds game offers different turns of events, and not to mention all. But it is possible to incorporate the game now and learn everything on their own.

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Play online games for free Angry birds can each visitor

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