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Ancient people games allow you to present yourself as a caveman who lived in the ancient world. Games online ancient people - a meeting with the dinosaurs and unforgettable adventure.

The contemporaries of his age always believe that they are living in an age of advanced scientific research, religion and culture. But after a certain time, and new people are already looking to their predecessors, they see how far they are in their development. At the same time, each century has its gems - the knowledge and the secrets that are sometimes available who came civilizations. We wonder how only recently that people can do without computers and the Internet, but at the same time we can not solve the mystery of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, technology and composition of colors for paintings of the Middle Ages, recipes healing potions. Many mysteries have sunk in the century, but in their place new ones. Those we believe the ancients too were once contemporaries. And will be a hundred, two, three hundred years or thousands of years, and already we will study historians trying to understand our way of life, aspirations and traditions. There will be new technological possibilities, cast us in the development as far as the current push back the ancient people. But until that happens, it is possible for some time to enjoy our relevance and exciting to read a book about the past centuries, watch historical movies and play games in the ancients. A series of cartoons of the Flintstones little family quite amusing, and therefore served as the idea of ​​creating a series of similar computer games. Heroes of the prehistoric world live a full life - create a family, raise children, go to a friend's house and a job. In our games, they are often involved in sports, and you can as a team with Fred ride in the car, play football, and bowling. Girls will find interesting stories about the creation of costumes and hairstyles for the characters, as well as coloring pages, puzzles and search raskhozhestey, the same images and objects. But if the history of the Flintstones ennoble the life of ancient people, making them almost civilized, the other proposed gaming is not all rosy. Staying true to his uncouth nature, primitive people go hunting with clubs and with a loud growl celebrate the victory. These caves have gathered a lot of gnawed bones and in the quests you need to collect every one of them to put things in order in the home. Games online ancient people offered to become a caveman and hit the road, where the dangers lie in wait for him in the form of members of other tribes of wild animals and natural phenomena. Its mission is to collect all the items that come across the way, and repel hostile-minded actors. But the old people - it's not just the Stone Age and the Middle Ages as well. Get ready to fight dragons, knights of the Order of the other, to defend their castles and destroy other people. You have to fight with swords, spears, archery and does not fall out of the saddle horse. Jousting tournament - part of the fun of the time and you have the honor to win the hand and heart ladies, hitting his opponent in a fair fight. In the Middle Ages as swarming with various wizards, witches, dragons and other representatives of magical power, flash games old people do not forget to include yourself and those aspects of life that interesting era. You do not even lucky enough to fly on dragons fighting in the air with the other soldiers. Going for a walk in past ages, you will become a time traveler. Choosing a specific historical time period, prepare the appropriate weapon. By learning to handle a boomerang - dobudete fruit hanging high in the trees. With the club has a chance to fill up the game, but a sword you will win yourself a princess and half the kingdom to boot.

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