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No games do not reach the speed of response and ability to make quick tactical decisions as the game action. Try your hand and play the game in action.

For each player games are almost individually. Each direction the genre has a lot of branches, which takes into account a variety of tastes and preferences. For example, game action, which is often called shooters, so different in appearance that every player will certainly find its own version. Action game in fact - it's fighters. The main thing in them - the presence of any weapons, intense fighting and the correct tactics of battle. Due to the presence of all three components, you are guaranteed an energetic pastime and the sweetness of victory. Among the story lines, too, there is a wide variety of actions, ranging from realistic to fantasy, but the main task of all - to win a single battle, and the game in general. Realistic simulations offer a large selection of weapons and the geography of the place of action. Online store offers to increase their firepower and buy clothing that enhances individual protection from gunshot injuries. Prostilayutsya landscapes in the form of sandy deserts and jungles to impassable. Among the enemy units you meet hostile factions, clans, fantastic creatures, and even animals. The war against dinosaurs, robots, aliens, creatures of the underworld and genetic mutants is also not uncommon during game action. To hit each representative of the enemy unit, you will need a specific weapon. Not always the standard machine guns and assault rifles are fit for destruction will be non-standard opponents and you have to seek out the opportunity to purchase a weapon that can hit all the other evil spirits who wander, flies and floats. To remain in good fighting form, it is necessary to remain vigilant and be on standby in order to repel a surprise attack. But, as the saying goes, the best defense - attack. By developing their own tactics, you can make a good move, without waiting for an act of aggression by. Most action games include additional elements, such as the hand to hand combat. Action-adventure in the process include additional features and make it more entertaining - martial arts with acrobatics bring distinctive flavor and saturated with game events. Action game player gone in different eras, offering to fight in the role of a medieval knight, a soldier of the Second World or a warrior of the future. Space battles especially like the fans of global proportions, and events. But managing a military plane or helicopter also inspires passion and stimulates the imagination. And to be able to show imagination in full capacity, should look for games with fantastic stories. Orcs, dwarves, elves, dragons, vampires, zombies, dark and light forces are waiting in the wings to join the army and act on the field of battle. Managing them, you will plunge into a completely unreal world that lives according to the laws of magic, but he knows about justice, pride and honor as much as you. In these games you will also be able to fly, that's just how this will be dramatically different from the ordinary. Personal Dragons, broom and unidentified flying objects serve no worse than usual for us planes and helicopters. A fire balls and swords, balls of fire and shock spells become disruptive force - a potent weapon against enemies. This genre is quite prolific and has the most incredible theme for development. You can choose a plausible simulators or play online games, but in any case, you'll appreciate the unexpected turns of events. It is necessary to start, and it is hard to focus on any one thing.

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