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Play games online 4 elements - is to plunge into the magic and magical world. If you like logic puzzles with interesting subjects, they are specially designed for you.

Every child believes in fairy tales and magic. Violent fantasy draws an incredible picture of the world, which is inhabited by fairies, wizards and witches, unknown animals, and that in the ordinary world of people is impossible, in a magical land is natural and happens every day. That is why children are so fond of fairy tales and can watch them on TV, read a book or play computer games, which are based on fantasy, twenty-four hours every day. Among the many computer products that go on the Internet every day, it has become increasingly difficult to find something unique and attractive. But when it does manage to do it, sorry to lose the find in the trash heap. We invite you to taste a great game - 4 elements, and save it as a bookmark to always be able to return to it at any time. The gameplay is addictive online 4 elements from the first minute. At the mere sight of her, it is clear that this is a real gem. Along with it you will plunge into the atmosphere of magic and become familiar with the four forces of nature - fire, water, air and earth. And also learn what role they play in nature and how easy it really upset the balance and harmony in natural cycles. You will become complicit in the important events that have unfolded in a magical land. Helping to restore the disturbed equilibrium magician, you will learn about the relationship between man and nature, and that is to make a wrong move, as will be chaos - where the river once flowed and surprised his gardens in full bloom, now formed a wasteland. And in order to rectify the situation, it is necessary to turn to the ancient knowledge of books, over spells and wisdom of our ancestors. Only one good wizard in the intact castle, little fairy and you will be able to return to its former greatness fairytale world. Following the instructions of the wise man, armed with courage and without leaving the road, you will overcome all the obstacles that you have prepared for the forces of evil. Reading the secret signs, you have to find the sacred altars, hide the keys to the magic of books. And when the next tome will open its pages, you will find out the answer to an important question, but also get a new job. This is just another step on the long way, so gather up the courage and move on. You will have to look for parts of objects and combine them to get the whole thing. But to find all the pieces are not as easy as it seems. Before you encounter the obstacles to be overcome in order to successfully complete the mission. A lot of wiggle snake mazes, confusing you and hiding out. Stones covered with moss, as if alive, and crawled to hide from your sight path. Thick vines hide panorama and hide the entrance to the temple. Even the mountains block the way, speaking of stone and cold giants. But do not despair - if you suddenly feel that the way out of the situation slipping away from you, call for help to his fairy, and it will show you the way. But remember that her magic takes time to recover, so has resorted to her aid only in extreme cases. During the game online 4 elements, you'll find items and differences, as well as join the chain of gems to clear the way for further action. Only when will pass all stages of the game, accompanied by difficulties, mysteries and secrets, you'll find all the answers, restore the altars, and will return to the magical land of balance, and there is thus save her. This puzzle game is a mix of three games in a row and the quest. Each level offers new possibilities and makes the process varied, and graphics - bright.

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Play online games for free 4 elements can each visitor

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