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In this section are located online shooting games, or as they are called shooters. Shooting will be of interest to the fair sex of mankind.

Shooting online games - is a favorite entertainment of boys. Ever since the early age of their toys are half the garage with all kinds of machines, and the second half - it's armory with bows, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, grenades, machine guns and even tanks, planes, Katusha. In the courtyards of their game tied for the team battles where involved the whole firepower, firing pellets, beads, or just playing with lights on the barrel and uttering certain sounds. Adult boys, wanting to regain the children's feelings, go to the shooting range to shoot, play lazerbol, airsoft, paintball. In recent years become very popular renovation when an improvised battle unfolding historical wars of different eras and countries. This is akin to a theatrical act, which takes place on open space and becomes more widespread. Some shooter game reminiscent of such reconstruction, sending the player for centuries or decades ago, but the battle is already underway in the virtual world, where the wounded do not feel pain. In simulations soldier can choose a hero and develop his fighting skills, change weapons and uniforms. You can select the country for which you fight, and the successful execution of missions bring promotions and awards. Such games are realistic in graphics and behavior of the character. Even the degree of injury affects his health similar to a living person. The Second World War was the mastermind behind a particular developer. Taking it as a basis, are games that tell a story in which the player is directly involved, they find themselves on different fronts and boundaries. Mini games too rich in suggestions, although not fitted with the intricacies of management and realistic events. Play shooting games can be a different story turns. Besides the wars, it is also a sport and hunting. You can become an archer and compete in archery. You can shoot arrows or darts in the game with plevatelnoy tube, becoming Indian. Participation in the biathlon involves a series of mandatory appearances, including rifle shooting at targets or plates in the air. During the game, shooting games online about the hunt awaits extraction, if the patient will be a hunter, entrenched in an ambush. When hunting for a big game, it is necessary first to track him down, walking on the trail. And if you go to the middle ages, you will get acquainted with the weapon, which has long been a thing of the story and it can be seen only in a museum. Kamnemety, massive guns, pistols, shooting and other nucleoli. You will defend your castle from the enemy and ourselves to attack other people's land. Among the missions will be such a noble as saving the princess and the victory over the dragon. A closer for a couple of centuries to come, take part in a duel, defending his own honor or the name of a noble lady. Shooting Games for free open space open spaces for you, which also need to be protected. Star Wars takes place in the sky between the ink of cooled asteroids. Enemy spaceships are approaching your planet to capture her captive. Only daring and successful strategy does not allow invasion. By becoming a pirate, shoot passing ships and take them on board the ship, shoot down aircraft missiles and laser beams. Where else can you shoot? Yes, even in school! You can shoot a slingshot or lumps of paper rolls. You can build a pyramid out of empty bottles and bullets to shoot down the entire structure. Soap bubbles badly hit and keep shooting at him is a pleasure. In an insect control fit and aerosol.

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