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We offer to play strategy games for free. Love the plan, then play online strategy will be very interesting.

Strategy games are a fairly broad platform for the different genre areas. They players need to be more strategic and logical part of their thinking in order to achieve a positive result. Military themes provides command and control, military equipment or individual soldiers, carrying out their mission. It also includes the construction of bases, installations, attack, defense front line, the conclusion of alliances. And if there is an economic note, the sale, purchase weapons, uniforms and equipment. Many games lure players free trial steps to further charge a fee for the right to continue the gameplay. At us you will get the opportunity to play free strategy, as developed by the flash technology designed for seamless access to them. Strategy games can be step by step, where the serialization of action is distributed equally between the players. And as long as one makes their manipulation, the other remains inactive. Speakers in this small, but you can treat it differently. On the one hand wants to immediately rush into battle, but on the other hand have the time to think about the future course and may change tactics, shooting down enemy with a brain. But flash strategy game in real time allow all participants to operate synchronously. The elements of the economic strategy pushed the player to collect resources and trade. As a result, there is access to precious metals, construction of buildings, building or buying new weapons and the establishment of an alliance of large orders. Interested exclusively peaceful nature of the game, pay attention to games in which the strategy can play online in a niche of small and large businesses. Once in the simulator, you are free to create a large city or a separate commercial complexes. In each case, the internal infrastructure to be developed as part of the terms offered. Network catering, supermarkets, malls, will require a number of measures designed to strengthen and increase your capital. Here comes the role of the mayor or God, if you will, provides a broader framework and responsibility to the citizens of the virtual world. If you do not want to be in a vacuum, do not forget to build messages neighbors, building airports, railways, sea ports. To maintain order in the city take care of the fire service and police stations. Less important are educational institutions, medical services, retail outlets, theme parks, transportation. Swinging on an even more wide open spaces, set out to explore space, creating new planets and life forms, from microbes to develop a rational being. Ahead of you are science labs, interplanetary community, the research expedition. In your hands to prevent chaos and establish its own world order. In addition, flash strategy - it's board and card games. Each offers its own set of tools and rules that must be followed. Any player, regardless of gender, age and social status, will find a direction that suits him with the mindset of attitude and ambition. In our strategies you will plan and develop the economy, build cities, create new civilizations, to win the historic battle or card games. The variety of subjects only fuels the interest and promises intense emotions throughout the game.

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