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Play Games Online Free quests can be in this section of the site. It also presents the game quests in Russian.

Quests - are the games in which a person commits a movement in space, has a number of additional tasks, look for items that applies them to each other and in certain places during the passage. For example, to overcome the maze, balancing bowls of scales, unraveling codes, connection cables and pipelines, collection of puzzles. And to get new guidelines for follow-up, often present dialogue, during which open up new tasks and locations. Packs are created on a variety of topics and because they love to play ne only children, Nr and adult gamers. At the time, both for the kids invented fairy tales with bright colors, soft music and lovely characters, the older generation chooses intricate plots with lots of clever puzzles. All quests are offered online for free on our gaming web portal. Each toy has its own history and the ability to unravel the complex interweaving storylines, to find hiding places and bring back the harmony of the world. Detective stories linked to crimes - murder, kidnapping, conspiracy. In such cases, you will find a collection of evidence, interviewing witnesses, surveillance and attack on the trail of the killer. Only a true Sherlock Holmes is able to solve even the most puzzling crime. Initially, the most interesting quests were created by foreign companies, and to make them available to our players, they were transferred. Now that the game industry has gained momentum and our developers compete on an equal basis with foreign, we can play the game quests in Russian national origin. If you like puzzles related to antiquities, go on a treasure hunt and knowledge. In the wild jungle await the abandoned villages, destroyed buildings, underground labyrinths, tablets with hieroglyphics, looted tombs and pyramids. Echoes the theme of these adventures and magic. The ancient deities, spells, rituals - that will be faced with what to go through all the levels and complete the game. On a more modern theme, too many stories, and some even contain elements of the economy. This means that during the game the additional task will be to sell the found objects to use the proceeds to build or buy anything in return. Play online quests are always interesting because you never know how the situation will turn. There are always surprises and not very pleasant. Developments are given a set time and if you do not have time to meet him, will have to replay the level. True, some games offer to disable the timer settings and enjoy the game without looking at the timeline. At any moment it can be switched on again if there was a desire to experience the excitement. Online games have quests funny, philosophical, mysterious, fantasy, culinary, fashion, architectural, scenic, supermenskie and many others. You can arrange a holiday Halloween, New Year or any other. But according to the law of meanness everything goes topsy-turvy. Then things go missing, then heard strange calls, the food from the restaurant did not have time to deliver. And then there's a letter from my aunt came, in which she says that he wants to talk to you immediately. And where to find all the time? You can still get lost in the woods and look for the way home. Or be in a strange city and look for landmarks. Opening games online quests, you only intend on upcoming actions, but never know for sure what kind of trouble will stand in your way. And just finished the last chapter, you can congratulate yourself for success.

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