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Best mini games are collected in this section of our site. Play super games for girls and boys for free.

In this column contains the best mini-games. You are waiting for stories of love, fashion catwalks, versatile business, sports. You will meet with movie stars and singers, will help them choose the dress, hair, makeup and manicure. In culinary school, learn to cook a variety of dishes using recipes. Dress Up learn not only about fashion updates, but also the traditional costumes of different ethnic groups. Every girl needs to develop their talents, and so on drawing games, music and dancing, too, will be enough. And while caring for the animals, in addition to therapy, games, and feeding them to be able to come up with the most daring outfits and hairstyles. We know what a super game for girls you like the most and fill the column because the most interesting game of the product. In them you will be able to shed the role of cooks and housewives to go on a dangerous adventure through the jungle that is home to wild tribes, and their world is hostile to human civilization. Overcoming the danger, you will discover many secrets and learn the secrets that are not intended for the masses. Those who have always had a weakness for all sorts of puzzles, will be able to become detectives and collecting the clues to solve the crime century. This is a difficult and laborious task that requires tremendous powers of observation, patience and logic thinking. Finding fragments, try to understand what they want to tell you. Everyone, even the most insignificant detail closer to the goal of an experienced detective. In these quests, you have to unravel the crime and find the serial killers, kidnappers jewelery and pets, to restore the rights of the heirs of estates reveal conspiracies and more. But there are games and humor, for example, about the provocative Masjanju, who can not sit still and is always on the move - traveling the world and learn new skills. She often gets into trouble, and you must help her get out of them. In addition, the most popular game invite to try their hand at creating their own business. You can develop a network of shops, cafes and restaurants and hotels. Or build a farm and grow vegetables, fruits and berries, as well as to animal husbandry. Each new case and it is difficult to start a long time does not make enough profit. But every step is making the right business is reliable, engage partners, customers and buyers, so financial stability is not far off. Cool games for girls invented to cool lady. Girls no less than boys love to show strength, accuracy and agility. The girl on a motorcycle or car looks spectacular. Three friends are jealous of her, and the guys can not tear admiring eyes. Developing speed, take part in the race or take pictures for the cover of a glossy magazine. You can test the drive, skiing on snow or water, running at full speed boat, doing the shooting or riding a roller coaster. But in fact, the best games for girls are the ones that are just fun to play. You can not force myself to love sports, if the soul is to draw. You always have to do what is best to receive and give pleasure. Like equip an apartment or do sculpture? Then there is no obstacle to creativity. Love the holidays to prepare by creating the costumes and the interior? Anything is possible with our games. Any of your desire to be embodied in a virtual world, only to be realized in real life. Think of the game as a fun lesson or pure entertainment - it all depends on just for you!

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