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Flying Games Online will make you feel as a fighter pilot, or other aircraft. Play Flying Online is available right now.

Man has always raised his head up, looking at the sky and wishing to understand the secret of birds, free-floating in the clouds. The thirst to conquer the airspace haunted many generations of people and composing legends, giving the main characters of the ability to fly. In the Middle Ages, these skills were attributed to angels, demons, witches and wizards. If the neighbors wanted to get rid of each other, they only had to accusations of witchcraft and the evidence of what they had seen a man flying. That was enough to send the accused to inquisitorial bonfire, because the court was the usual farce. Would still like to try to build aircraft continued. First testers suffered defeat after defeat, but their errors were taken into account followers, and the technique has gradually become more and more perfect. When fortune smiled for the first time a man, mastering the airspace began rapidly. Hang gliders, balloons, airships, airplanes, helicopters, satellites and space vehicles - all this has become a means of transportation across the sky. Today it is no surprise flight by plane across the ocean. Commercial airliners ply the air corridors with his route, delivering in person anywhere in the world. Helicopters are used in military, medical, fire service, in the rescue of victims and serve as a presidential transport. Parachuting carries the beauty of aerobatics exhibited by paratroopers in the sky, which are built into complex shapes. Not surprisingly, the magic of the sky still owns us, Flying Games Online help maintain interest in flying. In the virtual world often repeated realism of the situation and the potential of technology. But what makes gaming products are really interesting, because it's fantasy elements. After all, there are no laws of physics and gravity, which means that as the aircraft can be any object - a broom, stupa, a flying carpet, sandals with wings. You can fly in a dream or hover above the ground without any additional equipment. My favorite subjects letalok - space. The aliens from different planets constantly invade our precincts. Their attacks are intrusive and are a nuisance. It's time to teach them a lesson and to point out its place in the sun. He headed a stellar fleet and go into an interplanetary war. Or get yourself a star wolf, which is feared by the entire galaxy. Attack the merchant ships, take prisoners and destroy the crew abandoned ship. Play Fly online with a sports orientation is also very interesting. Now you can experience the thrill of a parachutist who flies to land smoothly, but manages the dome to land right on target. Hang Gliding continues to excite the imagination and attracts desperate individuals. And you can just run a model airplane in the sky and to manage it with radio control. Paper airplanes can also be attributed to this category. Who never gave up planes from the balcony of a block of flats or a whole class with a note? And while there were always angry, blaming in spreading garbage on the street, and the teacher punished deuce for unacceptable behavior in the classroom. In the computer version of the situation has not changed much, but you do not run the risk of observation in real life. Remember the circus-man core that shoot out of a cannon? Repeat this number is now easier than ever. You can even become a Baron Munchausen, who claimed to have flown to the moon on the core!

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