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In this section you will find the fight game or as they are called, or fighting a battle. Fighting games you can play online without registration.

Some say that the fight - it is a manifestation of unbridled aggression. Others argue that the fists waving those who do not have enough arguments to bring their idea to the understanding of others. But others defend the view that it is a sport. In each case, there is truth. A fight in a collective place is not at all admirable and a public order offense and an act of vandalism. But if it happens in the ring or in the gym, where the coach teaches athletes to control the body and emotions - it is a beautiful spectacle, excitement and health benefits. Martial arts, so popular here for a long time, include a special philosophy and wisdom. First of all, athletes are taught to meditate and harnessing their negative impulses. The main lesson that they need to learn - not to use force for the attack. This means that it is not forbidden to use their skills to protect his life or someone else's, but without bringing their actions to the death of the enemy. You need to know how to disarm the offender and when to stop. We offer online games to play fights where this theme is developed in options. You will be able to take part in competitions in karate, judo, aikido, bushido and other areas where a lot. It can be as simulators, and a mini game with simple controls and a fast passage. As the characters will act as unknown athletes and famous characters in many stories - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avatar, Naruto, Ben and others. It also includes sparring fight game about boxing. This sport is more severe in the ring and often bloodshed, but here the personal skills an athlete must remain only within the ring. But the developers have allowed themselves to fall back on moral principles and offer options where you can beat up politicians and movie stars or singers. But you can choose a plot with humor, where two cows wearing gloves and compete for the title. Street fights lead to physical and psychological injuries. But if you play in a virtual street fight, you can get rid of the accumulated aggression and avoid stress. Some countries have decided to conduct an experiment, setting the offices of mannequins depicting the heads. When an employee unhappy with management's decision, it is sent to a special room and beat a mannequin representing that beats himself chief. As it turned out, it helps a slave to reset the negative and deal with their emotions, to have a more relaxed position to return to work. That same "lightning rod" and our games are fighting. All those wishing to fight, we offer games for free. In this section you will find the military scenes, sports focus, fantasy and disassembly on the streets. You will have to battle with dragons, samurai, robots, hobos, primitive people, monsters and extraterrestrial civilizations. In a fight all good, and therefore, will have to fight with bare fists, batons, swords and using magic. Play a game fight, then exercise the power that can be destructive or aimed at protecting the facility. You can attack another country or to protect his own. The mass slaughter is not a battlefield will take you back in history to the era of medieval knights, for whom honor and courage were the concepts of the sacred. As one of them, or controlling an entire army, you will defend your castle from the enemy, holding his attack and directing their own forces on the offensive. And you can just run to break the wall of brick or ice - no one gets hurt, and you calm down.

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