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Arcade games - games in which the player must act quickly. Play the arcade game relying on the reaction.

Arcade game released in a separate category, but in fairness it should be noted that this is not a separate genre, but a peculiar, distinctive style of the game, which can develop in different directions. Arcade (Arcade) - this is a simplistic game that is aimed at a speedy passage, collecting bonuses and top, or a specified number of points in order to move to the next stage of action. By arcades are shooters and fighting games, sometimes the race. However, simulators, strategy and role-playing toys they do not include, although there are rare exceptions. Arcade games are available in the classic version for consoles and arcade machines. But, in order not to deprive the fans of the favorite destinations of fun, a virtual world in a variety of issues and for PC users. Sparring lovers will truly the greatest pleasure, because for them, created a lot of fighting games, where you can act as against computer bots, and have fun in the games for two. Each new round gets more and more difficult, and only fitness of can lead you to the coveted victory. In these games, the screen tends to remain fixed, that is, all the action takes place in one location. But there are games when there is movement, and in them you will be able to move through the levels, jumping up or down, and back and forth. Flash arcade racing, if you look closely, constantly repeating the same set of procedures. Clippers opponents appear at regular intervals and repeating pattern. A shooter in a player can not change the viewing angle of the arrow, and must be content with its location in the scene. His task - to destroy the enemy and dial the appropriate number of game points for hitting the target apt. In addition to the shooter and fighting, free arcade games and other rich offerings - more peaceful. You can become a hard-working gardener who grow fruit in your garden. Caring for the trees and collecting the harvest, sell it on the market, for the proceeds to acquire the necessary tools and new seedlings. In the arcade games you will collect the flowers for a herbarium, and catching butterflies, playing sports, such as volleyball with crabs. Collect artifacts, bonuses and items - one of the tasks of arcade games. Moving through the levels, pick due to plot things that will appeal to the character or additional features will bring you points. Even the sale of the objects become part of this trend and became a salesman in a cafe, you will form a set of customer orders for products, trying not to confuse. In sports games, too, has a number of features that will entice you with its potential. Try to keep the ball in play as long as possible, filling his head or foot. Surely this lesson familiar to you in life, but in doing similar arcade games, you set a new record. Like a game of tennis, where you can play with your opponent on the court, or to fill a ball on the racket. Arcade games have prepared for you and the fabulous stories in which there are dragons, mermaids, pirates and other characters. Sinking to the sea floor, examine it for the treasures that lie at the bottom of the period since the collapse of the ships in the ancient times. Performing a task in an efficient level, you must collect a certain amount of jewelry to get permission to go to the next task, which is to be much more difficult. If you are interested in our offer, do not dare to you any longer, for the adventure and the competition is already waiting for you.

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