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Do you have a lunch break, you want to escape from work and play, but not at work computer games? You do not want to spend the already limited time to find an interesting game, download it from the Internet, the installation? Need games that run through the browser and do not need to install on your computer. In that case you will accept flash games. They quickly became popular among people around the world. Flash games have excellent graphics and good sound, also thanks to the small size, they are instantly downloaded to your computer. Play online games from any computer without having to install additional software, which is very convenient for the user.

In our time, on any subject you can find dozens, if not hundreds of interesting flash games, that you wanted. You can also find the flash versions of their favorite games from childhood: Mario tanchiki, gold prospectors, ducks and many others.
The main advantages of the site:
1) free flash games. On our site contains only free flash. Here you will not find any paid games and feel free to play any of them.
2) Only the best flash games. Each flash game, before adding to the site is checked for serviceability and maintenance. Bad and boring in our opinion the stick does not add to the site. We try to publish online only the best free flash games!
3) Easy sorting and navigation. All flash games are divided into genres and categories (as mentioned categorization rather relative). On the site you can find such genres as flash flash games arcade, fighting, puzzle flash games, flash strategy, shooting, sports akti buhs, flash adventures, funny games, flash games for girls games for 2 players and many others, so you can easily find desired game genre. The site allows searching for the name of the game.
4) description of the games. The site for the majority of games already have a description and some tips in passing. Gradually, a description will appear on ALL flash games. The delay is due to the large amount of games.
5) A large number of flash games. The site is about 2,000 free flash games! Constantly adding new and exciting flash. Recently added to the site flash games you can find in the new flash games.
6) In any flash game on this website you can play for free, without registration and without hype. The site has no pop-up ads, which irritates users. It is possible to play flash games in full screen. To do this, the appropriate link next to the description.
7) Ability to download flash games for free. Not long ago, there was a feature on the site, allows you to download any flash game. For this next game description is a link to download. The game is saved to your computer and swf extension to run the game need flash player.
Try to play online flash game at least once and you will always remain their fan

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