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The worst game for the most daring and desperate players who want to make sure that the real world is not so terrible. By the way - horror is a great tool for stress.

Some people prefer to pour their anger at shooters, some prefer to laugh and smile, someone finds pleasure in finding items and solving puzzles that someone enjoys a virtual sports, and other Bring fear and terror, but the more and more terrible, the better! Fear - it's a natural human reaction and protection from situations that threaten their health and life. This is one of the basic instincts to help determine the risk to avoid it. But there are people who deliberately seek it, to once again experience the adrenaline rush. It excites them, gives strength and makes them happy. Some do desperate things - jumping with a parachute from the bridge into the river, dive to great depths without scuba gear, play sports and thereby an adrenaline live naturally. But there is another category of people who are looking for a safer way to enflame. They opt-horror films and the most scary games. But even feeling the protection of native home walls, horror successfully sneaks into his shirt and cools the skin, moving his hair covers your breath, holding back the beating heart in his hands, and then, at the very start of its peak torque at a breakneck pace. In the worst games you will find dolls murderers, killers and psychopaths, rabid robots and cars, the living dead, blood-thirsty vampires, disembodied spirits, rabid rabbits and hamsters horrible clowns, goblins, sea and land-based predators, and other expressions of horror. You will dream incredibly bad dreams in which you will pursue all the powers of hell. Turn around soon, if not want to be dragged into the boiling pot, or a world where there is no exit, and only darkness and pain reign in its many transitions. Predatory carnivorous flowers are drawn to you their petals, covered with thorns, and a pink throat oozing poisonous saliva and long tongue off rapidly, trying to grab you like a fly. Cemeteries come alive at night, and the darkness is filled with moans of the dead, creeping out of their wet graves. Cold and darkness reign in this world, and the sticky, thick fog wavers between the crosses and tombstones. Only the hooting of owls, bats squeaking yes crows are mixed into an otherworldly sounds. Tree roots, soaked dead juices, try to grab you by the ankles and knock him down to the ground, then to entangle with vines creeping plants and carry off the ground. Crypts of rusty gates creak and crack publish wooden buildings, as if trying to draw attention to themselves and say something. But the horror is going on and in the light of the day and is very real in the form of ice-cream. His van slowly driving through the streets, calling for children to buy sweet and cool ice cream cone. And as soon as it is suitable for a naive child, wily salesman sweets pushes him into a van and taken to a dilapidated house. There he connects the child and throws him into the basement. This quest, and you little girl who was in trouble. To get out of the clutches of a maniac, you have to be smart and savvy. Act quickly and nimbly as your jailer with a bloody ax and wearing a mask will appear periodically in the doorway. If you're not shy, the worst game only slightly frighten you. Sometimes it will break out a nervous laugh, you will be twitching of the optic nerve, you become a little stutter, but quite a bit, even give you a certain charm, your hair will turn gray hair strands, making you older, and will look to run, restless. But these are trifles compared to enjoy playing the most terrible game.

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Play free online games Scary everyone can

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