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Football games online - it's a great way to drive the ball and score a goal, the other in the virtual space. In games like to play football, of course, boys.

Football is almost the most popular game in the world and it is only natural that computer games offer a lot of football simulators. Football games are offered with the same rules as in the real competition - the two teams are selected from each other and try to score a goal in his opponent's goal. To do this, they run with the ball around the field, pass each other passes. In computer games you can play football, becoming a member of a well-known team. A lot of Flash games offer a virtual copy of the world championship, the Champions League and other prestigious tournaments. Gamers can choose exactly the team for which he is ill in the real world and help her achieve success. If the game takes place in the form of the tournament, you need to defeat in several matches to accumulate enough points to get out of the group in the standings, to beat their rivals in the games, "the playoffs." Every football game is unique, but in general, their gameplay is common patterns. The player can only control one player. He moves it across the field, can use it to give the ball a team-mate or make a powerful blow to the side gate of the enemy. But it can also switch control to any other player. It uses a special command on the keyboard or the built-in intelligent system works, thanks to which it becomes the active one player, which at this point is the ball. Play football online for free is possible with reduced time match. Real football matches going on half an hour, and not every gamer will be able to allocate as much time for computer fun. And because he can choose the 5 -, 10 -, 15-minute halves. There is a lot of football games, in which the individual is invited to practice football tricks. For example, it is very important to learn to pass accurately to give to their partners. And in the games need to consistently translate the ball from one player to another as a football field, and in more difficult circumstances - for example, you need to throw the ball over the precipice, fences, cut around it by standing in the way of another player. When the ball is at the gate, you just send it to the grid, having a blow past the goalie. Work is the ability to allow the game from the penalty spot - gamer controls the player to choose the direction the force of impact. You can also take control of the goalkeeper, helping him to beat the most sophisticated attacks. Play football online for free, you can use different characters. For example, it may be a copy of real players. Or the well-known cartoon and video game characters, which is also like this kind of sport. Enjoy the excitement of online games football in this section of our site.

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